Cars, just like most other pieces of machinery can be upgraded, parts can be replaced, bits can be repaired. Most of the car enthusiasts will tell you that one of the things that they have replaced the most after buying the car are the wheels! These wheels that you buy for your car separately are known as aftermarket wheels.

To get the best deal on such wheels you need to be able to judge and tell the difference between the worthless and the best ones in the market, and we are here to help you with just that.

At number 1:  Ronal!

Ronal doesn’t manufacture wheels that stop people midway because they look fancy! It manufactures classy wheels with a very solid built. Ronal is known for using a number of technique like finite element analysis and simulations to ensure that the force on the wheel is equally distributed throughout. This enhances the life of the wheel and makes driving an overall enjoyable experience.

At number 2: BBS!

Most of the big companies like BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen use these wheels. You can’t technically call them aftermarket wheels but you can most certainly buy them for your car if you want. These wheels are a symbol for absolute perfection! Not only do they look classy and can definitely make heads turn they are also mighty durable; making them one of the best buys for the new year!

At number 3: Enkei

Many people are fooled by its price and think of it as a not-so-good brand! The fact is that Enkei is a brand that is not only available easily but is also priced reasonably. They are manufactured in Japan and are of exceptionally high quality. If you have just bought yourself a second hand car and are looking for a good upgrade, these wheels will seem like the best possible option for you.

At number 4: O.Z

O.Z has an excellent work methodology; they believe in partnerships. They have formed partnerships with various car manufacturers and institutes and use their work as inputs for their wheel’s design. This means that their wheels are not only tested for durability but also tested to ensure that they are the safest wheels in town!

At number 5: Volks!

Volks by Rays are one of the lightest rims that you will find in the market. They are made of magnesium, and this makes them extremely strong! They are basically manufactured for racing purposes and you can use this purpose as a measure to see just how light weight and durable they are.

At number 6: Work

Work is one of the only companies that make custom aftermarket wheels. This is probably why they are very popular on racing tracks. Though they are manufactured in Japan, they are distributed globally and can be found very easily.

All you need to do is send them your designs and they will make the perfect aftermarket wheels for you!

6 Best Aftermarket Wheel Manufacturers in 2017!

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