Purchasing a used car is not a simple decision to make, especially if you don’t have the idea on what to look for. While some people are rushing to buy a second hand car that they can use right away, be it for personal or business purposes, there were those wiser buyers who go the extra mile to check if the car is a good deal and really fits the bill.

Every car is unique. Car buyers must be aware of the essential steps to ensure smooth transaction. Unlike purchasing a brand new car on which you are hundred percent sure that it’s in perfect condition, the reliability of a used car varies depending on several factors.

To help second hand car buyers on their buying decision, here we’ve listed five important considerations to successfully purchase a used car;

Start With The Exterior By Checking The Paint

The first thing you need to check is the paint. Of course, your focus is not just about the color or appearance of the car. Look closely with the dents, any types of scratches or a paint job to see whether something’s been covered up. If you noticed different shades on paint, it’s obviously been repainted. But if a repainted car is not an issue to you or your budget is limited, then this may not be a problem. It really depends on what you want the car for.

Check If There’s Rust

To check, start off by getting down on your knees and look underneath the vehicle if there’s rust on seams, frame rails and floorboards. Check also other areas like trunk and surfaces with holes as they are the common areas where rusts usually occur.

Check The Engine Bay

When checking the engine bay, be aware of the stock engine, oil leaks, if the belts have been changed or not and if the fluids have been topped up because that’s how you can determine if the vehicle is well taken care.  Check the wiring as well. Wiring is a great way to figure out whether a vehicle is going to run well or not. If there are frayed wires or they’ve been fully crimped together, then you know right away that there’s a problem.

Check The Wheels And Tires

When you’re checking out the wheels, always look for variances and tread patterns. Don’t always just look for tread depth which is an obvious thing, but look for different signs because that might be something that you want to further investigate. To check the suspension, grab the wheel and move it side to side. If it’s easy to move, then you know right away that there’s a ball joint problem.

Check The Internal Damage

To perform this, make sure to warm it up, check the engine oil closely, check the transmission fluid and examine the tailpipe while the car is on.

Buying a used car whether it’s modified or stock is a very emotional and tough sometimes. But remember, always do your research and if you’re unsure of whether to buy the car or not, then get a help from an auto specialist.

Things You Need To Check Before Buying A Used Car

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